Useful information for Vatican Museum visitors: luggage, bags and storage

What is mandatory, advisable, forbidden to deliver to the cloakroom of the Vatican Museums?

The cloakroom is a free service provided by the Vatican Museums, it is located in the entrance hall, just past the metal detector. This is not a left-luggage office, but a cloakroom service, which serves not only to make the visit more pleasant, but above all to ensure the safety of visitors, the museum environments and the entire artistic heritage of the museum.

To return the items, it is necessary to go to the desk located in the exit hall, near the Momo spiral staircase.

The cloakroom service of the Vatican Museums offers, for visitors with walking problems, a free wheelchair rental service (subject to availability). For the rental is required the presentation with deposit of a valid identity document.

What is mandatory, advisable, forbidden to deliver to the cloakroom of the Vatican Museums?

First of all, as you may already know, the cloakroom service is free.

Before entering the exhibition spaces, visitors are required to leave their luggage, suitcases, backpacks, packs and containers in the cloakroom which, due to their size and characteristics, are not considered suitable by the security personnel of the Vatican Museums.

Visitors who continue their tour in the Vatican Basilica are advised not to leave their luggage in the Vatican Museums. In this case, it is advisable to leave your bags in one of the luggage storage near St. Peter’s Basilica

Wardrobe Regulation of Vatican Museums

It is mandatory for visitors to deliver to the cloakroom of:
a) food and drink of any kind;
b) suitcases, bags, packages and containers in general, which have dimensions greater than cm. 40 x 35 x 15;
c) backpacks, with the possible exception of small ones which, carried on the shoulder, do not protrude from the body shape, at the maximum point, beyond 15 cm;
d) pointed umbrellas or, in any case of medium and large dimensions, sticks (when not used to facilitate walking), tripods for cameras and film cameras, signs and signs of any kind (except for the usual identification tools in possession of the guides authorized);
e) knives, scissors and / or metal tools of various kinds which, inside the Museums, could constitute a danger to people and / or the works on display;
f) any object that at the sole discretion of the Custody Corps may constitute a danger to the integrity and safety of the premises of the Vatican Museums.

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